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  ZHUJI LEYE MACHINERY CO., LTD was founded in 2000. The production base is located in the beautiful Zhejiang Zhuji. Is an independent development. Science and technology enterprises of high-tech development and production.
  ZHUJI LEYE MACHINERY CO., LTD learn widely from others' strong points, refine on, the introduction, reference industry outstanding brand Japan Tajima (TAJIMA), advanced technology and process of Fu Yi, digestion, absorption and continuous improvement of the road of independent innovation, the use of modern embroidery technology mature and sophisticated components, has introduced a new generation of intelligent embroidery machine, high efficiency, high quality. The main operating companies and production abroad famous SWM, AURA and the domestic LEYE brand computer embroidery machine series equipment. Using the new design, significant improvements in their own brand of machine. Guided by market. Innovative technology. High quality products and excellent service. The idea Successful makes SWM and AURA brand embroidery machine with excellent performance. Stable and reliable work of advantage to seize the market by foreign customers trust.
  We firmly believe that product quality is the life of the company. The company after 10 years of accumulation of experience to establish a strict quality management system and perfect quality system. Each factory equipment after inspection and testing precision. To ensure that the products are 100% inspection. 100% compliance. The company will strict requirements for the production of the implement to the purchase of raw materials. The half finished product each link of processing production and package of products. To implement the quality demands will be perfect in every aspect of every process of production. So. All the products of the company production have been certified by the relevant departments.
  The future. Foreign brand SWM, AURA and the domestic LEYE brand computer embroidery machine will be the future. To create a new era of high speed and high efficiency embroidery machine automatic intelligent. And your common embroidered blueprint.

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